Asbestos roof sheets

Through the ages asbestos has had many incarnations. Fallen out of fashion and back in somewhere on this vast planet. However, the 1970′ through the 1980’s proved a Coup de gras for the material. The US 1973, under the EPA’s Clean Air Act, most spray-applied asbestos products were banned for fireproofing and insulating purposes. And

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  Soil contamination or remediation is the process of analysing soil and ensuring that it fit for purpose. With  the need for hundreds of thousands of new homes, and constant construction going on in the UK. Soil analysis is paramount going forward for the entire nation as a whole. Essentially, to ensure viability for the

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Flu tubes

Fluorescent Tube

Florescent tubes or bulbs as the public knows them. These are an energy efficient alternative to a standard light bulb. Used primarily in offices, retail outlets and factories florescent tubes keep the overall cost of electricity down for larger establishments. However, they do come with a particular nasty downside. Fluorescent tubes contain potentially harmful substances,

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In life we break issues into three’s, in the States it’s three strikes and you’re out. Universally, bad things happen in three’s and the three educational remits. In waste management we have Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This triad was introduced to school children in the mid 1990’s and in some places sooner. Teaching them to treat

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