What Can I Put In My Skip?
Skips are used for the removal of non-hazardous waste such as building debris, household items and green waste etc. If you need to dispose of hazardous waste, you need special permits and containers. It is illegal for you to mix hazardous waste with non-hazardous waste. Below is a list of hazardous and unaccepted items that are not to be put in your skip.  If you have any of these please call 0333 222 9945  and we will arrange for the  appropriate removal of these items.

•  Solvents
•  Corrosive liquid
•  Biological waste
•  Medical waste
•  Laboratory waste
•  Batteries
•  Aerosols
•  Gas canisters
•  Pesticides
•  Anti-freeze
•  Paint
•  Waste oils
•  Motor oils
•  Vehicle batteries
•  Vehicle wheels
•  Fire extinguishers
•  Florescent tubes and light bulbs
•  Televisions and computer monitors
•  Fridges
•  Asbestos
•  Plasterboard
•  Explosives

How High Can I Load My Skip Up To?
All skips must be level loaded, any skips that are over filled will incur an overfill charge of £70 + VAT
What Size Skip Do I Need?
Check out our skip sizes page which will give you an idea of what size skip you should order. If you are still unsure give us a call on 0333 2232 9945 and we’d be more than happy to help you.
Where Can I Put My Skip?
You can put a skip anywhere on your own property, providing it does not block access.
Do I Need A Skip Permit?
If you cannot put the skip on your own property you will need a permit from the council, Tip A Skip will arrange this for you.

On-road skips require a skip permit in advance from the council. A skip permit is written authority from the council that you can put a skip on a public highway. The cost of a skip permit varies by council and also by length of time the skip is left in the road. The skip supplier applies for the permit and that additional cost, together with a small admin fee, is added to your overall hire price.

In addition to a skip permit, if the location is within a controlled parking zone (eg. residents’ permit or pay & display), a CPZ suspension will also be required. CPZ suspension fees also vary by duration and postcode. Like permits, the skip supplier arranges CPZ suspensions and then charges the cost on to you as an extra. If you are unsure whether you need a CPZ suspension, contact your local council or ask our booking team.

How Much Do Skip Permits Cost?
Skip permit prices vary throughout the UK but the average cost is £25 for a 14 day period. Contact your local council for an exact price.
How Long Can I Keep My Skip?
Standard hire is for 14 days which is standard across the industry, if you require the skip for a longer period please call our booking team to discuss your requirements on 0333 222 9945.
When Will My Skip Be Collected?
Once you have filled your skip call us on 0333 222 9945 and will arrange for your skip to be collect at a time that suits you.

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