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Fluorescent Tube

Florescent tubes or bulbs as the public knows them. These are an energy efficient alternative to a standard light bulb. Used primarily in offices, retail outlets and factories florescent tubes keep the overall cost of electricity down for larger establishments. However, they do come with a particular nasty downside.

Fluorescent tubes contain potentially harmful substances, particularly mercury, lead, and cadmium. Ensuring they are classified under the Hazardous waste category inside of the WEEE legislation.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Firstly, Fluorescent tubes or Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) cannot be disposed of in a traditional bin. Akin to batteries, they have their specialised methods of disposal in order to protect the surrounding environment from contamination. On a smaller more personal scale they are disposed of at the following:

Methods of Fluorescent Tubes disposal

  • Can be taken to most larger recycling centres
  • Retail outlets and some councils have specific bins
  • Businesses need to contact their local authority to see if they qualify

Secondly, it is no longer legal to use landfill sites for fluorescent lamp disposal. Fluorescent tubes recycling is accomplished  through extracting the glass and metal components then elemental Mercury is then distilled from the powder form. This ensures the contamination is minimised and the environment especially water and food sources are protected.

Most businesses will need to have a professional service remove their Fluorescent tubes, especially in the case of an office refit or demolition.

What are the steps for Fluorescent tube removal

  • Contact Enterprise Waste Management
  • Tell us how many tubes need to removed
  • We deliver a Florescent tube box or coffin
  • You fill it carefully with the tubes
  • We collect and ensure correct disposal

In conclusion, if you need assistance with Florescent Tube removal, please give one of our waste management experts a call on 0333 2229945.

If you have any business specific queries regarding this area we are happy to help as well.


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