Contaminated land remediation is a process in which a contaminated section of land, is restored to its former state, had the environmental damage not occurred. Remediation comes in many forms to restore reduce or stop the pollution to the environment. If you require contaminated soil removal and contaminated soil disposal, then please get in touch on 0333 2229945.

Enterprise can help find a solution for soil containing high levels of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) contamination. Should you be concerned of oil contaminated soil, we can help advise on the best soil test to show the true extent of contamination. Any tests will also likely include PAH in soil levels, heavy metal contamination levels and other analysis for waste acceptance testing l

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous and Health and is a regulation put in place to protect the health of employees using specific substances and materials. It’s important as an employer or employee to manage any COSHH materials inline with the regulation, as failure to do so is a crime, punishable by an unlimited fine.

Enterprise can provide a storage box or container for any COSHH items. The most common construction materials are paint tins, varnishes, aerosols, mastic tubes, fluorescent tubes and oily rags. In garages or manufacturing we find the most common COSSH items are waste tyres, batteries, waste oil filters, waste oil, brake fluid and anti-freeze. If you’re struggling to find a hazardous waste collection or COSHH waste collection that doesn’t break the bank, then call Enterprise on 0333 222945. Enterprise can provide storage, transportation, collection and disposal of any hazardous or COSHH materials.

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