Asbestos | Survey

It's important to undertake Asbestos Survey's and Removals in accordance with the Control of asbestos regulations 2012. In 2017, there were 2,523 deaths from the asbestos related cancer Mesothelioma. Our clients are provided with safe, cost effective solutions for Asbestos management and Asbestos Survey and Removal.

There are two types of Asbestos Surveys:

  • Asbestos Management Survey; A standard survey on a building built or refurbished before 2000. The survey as far as reasonably possible identifies the existence or suspected presence of asbestos containing material (ACM), which could be disturbed during occupancy and general maintenance.


  • Pre-Refurbishment and Demolition Survey (R&D) This is an inspection to ensure we access all areas and ascertain the amount and type of ACM present. The survey enables full removal of ACM from the building before any refurbishment or demolition takes place. This is a legal requirement and done poorly can result in unexpected costs and health hazards.






Asbestos | Types

There are several types of asbestos fibres, which are identified by sending a samples to a UKAS laboratory. The main three types used in the UK were Crocidolite, Amosite and Chrysotile (Blue, Brown and White Asbestos respectively).

Common places to find Asbestos Containing Materials are in:

  •                  Roofing felt
  •                  Asbestos cement sheets
  •                  Artex ceilings
  •                  Asbestos Siding
  •                  Floor Tiles
  •                  Asbestos Insulating Boards
  •                  Sprayed Coatings on walls / Sound proofing
  •                  Lagging


We are based in Buckinghamshire, but provide nationwide asbestos surveys and removal.

We provide Asbestos surveys and removal in London, Asbestos surveys and removal in Hertfordshire, Asbestos surveys and removal in Bedfordshire, and Asbestos surveys and removal in Berkshire, Asbestos surveys and removal in Middlesex, Asbestos surveys and removal in Cambridgeshire, Asbestos surveys and removal in Northampton, Asbestos surveys and removal in Essex and Asbestos surveys and removal in Southeast England.






Asbestos roof sheet

Asbestos | Removal

Enterprise undertake large commercial asbestos clearances right through to smaller domestic removals with less than a skips worth. We specialise in licensed asbestos garage sheet removal and AIB asbestos.

To discuss your asbestos removal, call us on 0333 222 9945

Is asbestos in my building dangerous? If you are worried about asbestos in your property, don't panic. As long as the material is in good condition and fibres are not being disturbed, it is safe. Asbestos is only dangerous once disturbed and the fibres are airborne.

If you suspect asbestos is damaged or, you are making changes to your house that will disturb asbestos, subsequently contact our expert asbestos team for advice on removal and disposal.

How do you know whether it is made of asbestos?

Unfortunately, you cannot tell whether material contains asbestos by simply looking at it. If it’s not labelled and you’re in doubt, then treat it as asbestos or have it analysed by a qualified professional.  Please note, only a licensed professional should handle samples.