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Enterprise undertake large commercial asbestos clearances right through to smaller domestic disposal, for when you've got less than a skips worth. Moreover we specialise in removing asbestos garage sheets and AIB asbestos.

To discuss your asbestos removing, call us on 0333 222 9945 or likewise simply send a WhatsApp image of your asbestos waste to 07715 211326 to get a free quote and availability.

We provide the cheapest asbestos removal service near me.

Is asbestos in my building dangerous? If you worry there is asbestos in your property, don't panic. As long as the material is in good condition and fibres are not being disturbed, it is safe. Asbestos is only dangerous if you disturb it and the fibres are airborne.

If you suspect damage to your asbestos or you are making changes to your house that will disturb asbestos, then subsequently contact our expert asbestos team for advice on removal and disposal.

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What is meant by Four stage removal?

Four stage clearances are also known as Certificates for Reoccupation. This type of removal is required for notifiable asbestos and ensures that the property or area where asbestos has been removed is safe to reoccupy.

  • Stage 1: Preliminary check of site condition. Our analyst will ascertain whether everything has been carried out accordingly, by conducting a visual assessment of the site, paperwork and work area.
  • Stage 2: Thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure area. The analyst will check the enclosure for any residual material, debris or dust.
  • Stage 3: Air monitoring. Unseen fine settled dust (likely to contain asbestos) is disturbed and collected onto filters. These are then tested onsite using Phase Contrast Microscopy to ensure exposure levels are suitably low.
  • Stage 4: Final Assessment post-enclosure area dismantling. This final check ensures no material is released as the enclosure is packed away.

Only when all four stages have been completed, can the Certificate of Reoccupation be issued.

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How do you know whether it is made of asbestos?

Unfortunately, you cannot tell whether material contains asbestos by simply looking at it. If it’s not labelled and you’re in doubt, then treat it as asbestos or have it analysed by a qualified professional.  Please note, only a licensed professional should handle samples.

If you're concerned you have got asbestos containing material in your property, then see our survey page for more information on which survey you require.


Is my asbestos waste notifiable?

Depending on what type of asbestos you have you will need either a licensed or a non-licensed service. Our experts will be able to advise you on which service you require to stay complaint with the law. For more information, see the HSE Guidance.

We are a fully registered waste carrier by the Environment Agency. Asbestos being a regulated material, it requires specialist handling and disposal. Whether you’re looking for your asbestos to be removed or just a collection service, we can help. We will advise on the most cost effective, safe and legally complaint option.


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