Total Waste | Management

We believe that traditionally the Waste Industry has had an archaic approach to Total Waste Management. With waste firms offering a fixed service, which extracts the maximum amount of waste and thus revenue from a client.

Enterprise Waste Managements ‘Circularity Programme’ uses the concepts of the closed loop circular economy, to ensure we treat every material as a resource until it becomes a waste product.

The programme then ensures as much waste is reduced, re-used and recycled as possible, with an aim of zero to landfill.

Audit | Phase

Site Audit - The process is to undertake an initial site audit to understand the businesses processes, the current waste arrangements and future aims of the client.

Proposal - From the initial audit, our expert account managers will produce a report detailing each of the proposed steps to achieving a complete circular system. Once the proposal is signed off, the first stage of the circular programme can be mobilised.


Mobilise | Measure

Mobilisation – The mobilisation will be managed to ensure a smooth transition without interruption to clients’ process. Your account manager will provide the relevant training and information to support behavioural change.

Measure - Each stage will then be measured to evaluate the effectiveness of the change and generate relevant data to develop a business case for future improvement.


Review | Renew

This data and service change will then be reviewed with the client to ensure there is clear communication between both parties. The programme is flexible and sustainable to ensure it evolves with the clients’ needs. Should the clients’ business evolve or in the event of any changes to environmental legislation, these will be discussed during the review.

CV-19 Update: We're still operating inline with Public Health England guidance