Baler | Options

A wide variety of commercial and industrial waste can be baled ready for recycling. The benefits of baling your waste include:

  • Increase your storage space
  • Save Money
  • Save time

Reduce carbon emissions Below we outline just some of the materials that can become more manageable (and potentially more profitable) through baling…

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Film
  • Tyres


If you have any further questions about balers feel free to give one of our waste management experts a call on 0333 222 9945.

baled cardboard

Added | Efficiency

Compared to the cost of multiple bins, which take up a lot of room and need emptying regularly, baling recyclable materials reduces the frequency of waste collections, which not only reduces emissions of vehicles on the road, but reduces waste collection costs.  Baling your waste with one of our  balers can maximise rebates on the recyclable material, as this can be transported directly to a recycling facility without the need to be re-baled at a materials recovery facility.

We offer a free waste audit to assess the best option for your business. We will review the whole of your process, materials  produced and produce a business case to demonstrate  the best action to maximise your savings.


Cost | Savings

Save time, if you don’t flat pack your waste then you’re paying to dispose of air, but a baler can do this for you, crushing the waste more effectively and removing all the air. A baler can be located closer to your operations, saving time moving small amounts to the waste area.

Save money, If you’re paying more than £15 per week to dispose of your waste, then it’s likely Enterprise can save you money with a baler. Generating the right size bales, will mean that you can achieve maximum rebates for your waste and turn a cost into a revenue.

Save space, installing a baler can reduce the space used to store bulky waste items and unnecessary bins, helping customers to reuse land previously taken up by waste.

Baled plastic