Recycled | Plastic

The bins are made of ‘POST-CONSUMER’ recycled plastic. Normally when a product is made of ‘recycled plastic’, this is post production plastic. i.e. off cuts in a manufacturing process. However our bins are the only bin in the world to be made out of what was once yogurt pots and margarine tubs. This plastic has once been made into a product, used, thrown away, collected, cleaned, reprocessed and then recycled into a bin.





Cheaper alternative | bin

Enterprise also offer the cheap cardboard bin, If you’re working on a tight budget, but still want the option of multiple durable internal office bins. These £7 cardboard bins have corrugated plastic lids to resist liquids and prolong their life. This is the perfect budget bin, the corrugated cardboard and plastic mix offers a cheaper alternative, whilst still being strong and functional. Each pack of 5 bins comes with 25 labels (5 of each) for maximum flexibility and are made in the UK.

50L | 70L Bins

Enterprise Waste Management supply internal office bins for all types of businesses. Whether you’re looking for a mixed recycling office bin, plastics bin or general waste bin with a odour preventing lid. Our range of 50L and 70L bins are cost effective and more attractive than our competitors containers. We only use recycled plastic to provide a strong 2.5mm thick, durable and sustainable bin, which will last for years.

Communication | Stickers

Our bins come with a free 6 x WRAP compatible sticker set, which clearly indicates the waste type for each bin. Each sticker is laminated with a matte polypropylene for long lasting finish. Each office bin has a recessed air vent, to allow air into the bottom of the bin when you’re removing the bag. This makes taking the bag out very easy and prevents bags from breaking.






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