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Terms of Service

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Credit Account Application

Payment terms: where we have accepted you as an account customer we require that all invoices are paid within 30 days of the invoice date. When account facilities have not been granted then payment will be with your order, or where previously agreed, on delivery.

Conditions For Hire

In these conditions “owner” means “registered carrier”. “Hirer” means person or company to which accounts are rendered. Vehicle means the vehicle which is being used to deliver or collect hired services which is subject to the contract. “Driver” means the driver of the vehicle and “site” means the place where the hired service is being deposited with the guidance and direction of the hirer. The following conditions must be upheld throughout the contract/period of hire.

1) No agent or employee of Enterprise Waste Management Limited (hereby referred to as “EWM”) is permitted to alter or vary these conditions in anyway unless he/she is instructed to do so.

2) EWM will use its endeavours to comply with the hirers’ requirements but can accept no responsibility for failure to supply or for any delay in supplying the hired service which may be caused directly or indirectly by any cicumstances beyond EWM’s control.

3) The hirer shall direct the driver where to deliver or operate equipment but the driver is under no obligation to follow instructions that he feels uncomfortable following.

4) It is the responsibility of the hirer to notify EWM of the need for a permit. It is not the responsibility of EWM to check the ownership and rights of each individual plot of land. It is therefore essential that the hirer ensures that all permissions required (if required) before the hired service can be lawfully deposited on the site/highway including the council license have been or will be obtained before they direct the driver to deposit the hired service. The hirer will be liable for any fines incurred during the hire period.

5) The hirer shall not move or repurpose any of the hired services without consent of the owner.

6) The hirer must ensure that no tires, florescent lighting tubes, asbestos or hazardous/toxic materials have been placed in any of our skips. Failure to comply may mean that the items are removed and returned to the hirer’s property at the hirer’s cost. EMW offer services to remove and dispose of materials not suitable for skip hire.

7) The hirer shall ensure that from the time the hired service is delivered until the time it is collected again by EWM;

– It is properly sited in accordance with the permissions given.
– No fires are lit in it.
– It is filled higher than to the top of its sides.
– It suffers no damage except for reasonable wear and tear.

8) The hirer shall ensure free and suitable access to and from the delivery address and ensure suitable ground conditions for the delivery of equipment or heavy vehicle movements. No responsibility will be accepted for any damage that may be caused to any surface over which the equipment or vehicle is moved to reach its destination and the hirer should therefore take steps to protect their surface/property.

9) Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the duration for which any hired service can be hired shall not exceed 30 days. For each week that exceeds the 30 day hire period, a rental charge may be incurred.

10) Except when specifically, otherwise agreed, EWM will dispose of the contents of the hired service. All waste will then be taken to the nearest waste treatment centre for sorting before transferring any remaining non-recyclable material to a licensed waste disposal site.

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Waste Management Services

Commercial Skip & Container Hire
Grab/Tipper Service
Hazardous Waste Solutions
Commercial Trade Waste
On-Site Solutions
Plant & Welfare Services
Waste Transfer Station

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House Building
Manufacturing & Engineering
Social Housing

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Popular Locations

High Wycombe

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